Our team


My name is Natalia Díaz, I am a doctor in music education from the University of Málaga and a professional classical guitarist. My passion has always been to communicate with others and music has been the medium that has led me from very little to express feelings, circumstances, thoughts or ideas. I love teaching and continuing to learn and after having had the opportunity to work in music schools, conservatories and university, I have been more aware of the inequality that surrounds us in our daily lives.  

Living in a border city like Melilla and having contact with girls and boys who cross the border and leave their countries of origin to go in search of a better life, aroused in me the interest for all these young people who face many barriers that make that their lives are not easy and, for this reason, I decided to devote myself to developing projects for and for them. It is fundamental to give them the opportunity to empower themselves and make their lives and feelings visible. 


My name is Navid Mohamed, I am a senior technician in physical and sports activities and Break Dance dancer. I’ve been dancing since 2006 and working with Natalia since 2015. During this journey I have been able to verify that formal education has not given me values with which I have felt identified. When I discovered break dancing I started to experience a change, a transformation that made me discover that dance works from the person and their emotionality. Thanks to this experience I have been able to learn fundamental values that have helped me in my personal development.